Do You Know The Story Behind Florida Shooter?

Do You Know The Story Behind Florida Shooter?



Not saying what he did wasn’t wrong. But do any of us really know the whole story behind hia actions. He was adopted as a child and his adoptive parents both past away so he was then placed into a foster home. He also reached out several times to seek help because he knew something was wrong with him mentally.

He is still human people. Now can you honestly tell me that if your child ended up doing something this horrific that you wouldn’t want to hug him or her and tell them that we will get through this and that you still love them?!

What about the students that willingly admitted to knowing that he was going to come to school and so something horrible. Yet they said nothing. They could have prevented this from happening.

And no, having stricter gun laws will NOT prevent this from happening again. As we all know that buying a gun off the streets is 10x easier then buying one legally.

What needs to be done is having harsher punishment for those who get away with bullying and tormenting fellow peers. Because you and I all know that if being harassed in the workplace or at home let alone walking down the street we are aloud to have people charged with harassment amd assault. Yet the schools that our children go to give these kids a 1-2 days detection or suspension.

The 19 yr old school mate was known for his behavior at school yet they didn’t do anything to get to the root of his behavior.


Pray for all.

Matthew 5:21-22
21 “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders will be in danger of the judgment.’ 22 But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of the council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.


John 8:7
7 So when they continued asking Him, He raised Himself up and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.”


Its MANY adopted kids whose parents were KILLED who are doing GREAT THINGS and are not going into schools to thrill kill.

Stop making excuses for him

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Stop making excuses man


“Very well said. Thank you.
Sadly, what will happen- teachers will start to fear punishing kids; for they will be afraid of the consequences.
At the end of the day, most kids, at any age, need support, guidance, someone they can depend on should they need it.
If it’s true this kid- yes he is still a kid; had no parents; who was looking out for him if he did display these obvious signs of mental instability??? Unfortunately, it sounds like nobody; but the people who are claim he basically was screaming on social media to be heard. Perhaps just one of them could have stood up and became his advocate.”

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I think that the fact that he knew he needed help and was refused needs to be addressed. To many kids lose their medication when they turn 18 and there is very little help for them. I’m in no way saying that he is not at fault and should not be punished. I’m saying that insurance for the state need to help these kids even after they turn 18 instead of just taking their meds away because they can’t afford it or don’t have insurance to cover the much needed meds and help.

Innocent people got killed down people children got shot down and you’re worried about his side of the story I guarantee you God forbid if it was one of your children or child that got gunned down or better yet if you were standing in the front of that classroom and got burned down you wouldn’t want to hear his side of the story Point Blank.

If my child did this… I’d throw the first Stone. A monster like this needs to put down… No if and or but

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This man took 17 teenage lives .his story is irrelevant.He only has one judge now An thats Jesus himself.May God have mercy on him because this world has NONE

“He murdered 17 children. Let’s see what insight you have for the parents who will be tortured by the cries of their dead children for the rest of their lives.
This is what a murderer looks like. You can empathise all you like. But this is a bad bad little dude. It doesn’t matter where he comes from. He knows what he was doing was completely wrong. He was seeking notoriety.”

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My parents died. I helped myself when i didnt get help. No excuse. Everyone has a rough up bringing. In that case, we’re all mentally ill.

Lord forgive me you the type of person that will make somebody launch a chair across the court room hit you dead in your head with it how could you say something like this people are torn apart parents have lost their babies carried a child for 9 months and you push the child out to have it ripped out of your hands buy a child that was emotionally unstable and the people critical in his life were not monitoring his actions to the point your child got tooken away you will never hear your child’s voice again you will never hug your child again you’ll never kiss your child again you will never hear your child laugh and you’re on here talkin about his side of the story Lord have mercy

Well said! Mental illness of any degree while not an excuse, but if he could have gotten help, he had a larger chance at becoming a productive citizen. I’m not condoning him in any way but it’s a shame and heartbreaking to see any young person or anybody get so far down the wrong path that they can’t find their way out or know how to make someone listen closer.

Why does there have to be a story? The kids and teachers he killed had stories too but you don’t see them shooting… Smdh.

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We can’t go back we should learn from this ,make sure this stops,parents and foster parents don’t always pay attention to the children but the school is a second place with teachers they see these kids everyday and any act out,acting weird or anti social should be a sign and react, get the student help ,we need to stop looking the other way or there will be more shootings …what a tragedy this is.

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Let me tell you one thing…

When he knew he has stress or some sort of unusual sense because of anything that induced him to do so…he even searched for help but didn’t find any, as some has pointed out, why wouldn’t he think down that if he opens the shoot, innocent lives will fall by obvious reasons from his shoots. I mean he is up-to that level of mentality that despite of his search of help, he could get none so he took it up as his last resort. To this point he had his sense but why couldn’t he sense the lives possibly can be taken down by those bullets???

He premeditated his massacre. He knew exactly what he was doing. Just because he was adopted and then a foster home doesn’t give him permission to take out lives. Many people have troubled lives. But they don’t go on a shooting spree and then try to blame it on their childhood. It was premeditated. He was getting revenge for the school punishing him. He knew what he was doing and the destruction of his actions.

So what. Cold blooded murderer deserves nothing but death.

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I love what you said. And I agree 100%