Do you know Ukraine is the main missionary-sending country for Eastern Europe

Do you know Ukraine is the main missionary-sending country for Eastern Europe & Central Asia? One missiologist said, “The church is very strong. As far as Europe is concerned, the Ukrainian church is perhaps the strongest & is doing the most for education, training, & sending out workers.” A director at Kyiv Theological Seminary said, “Even in the midst of this kind of uncertainty, this kind of ominous threats, (students) are trying to keep their focus on Jesus.” An invasion by Russia is Satan’s way of disrupting this. Missionaries have difficult choices about staying or leaving. Putin may not be THE antichrist, but he is AN antichrist—an anti-Jesus man of ruthless intent who will stop at nothing to reestablish the USSR. He adheres to the Russian Orthodox Church, but remember—the USSR espoused atheism. Events are unfolding on some sort of prophetic timeline, and it behooves us to watch & pray. These are not ordinary times. You & I need to be committed to Jesus, the King of kings.

Robert J. Morgan

We are in days of prophecy of the Bible being fulfilled. It’s awesome and sometimes a little scary. Mostly it’s exciting.

Doralyn Maris

I choose not to pray for Ukraine alone I pray also for Russia. Coz in both countries we have our fellow Christian Brothers and sisters, who are not part of any political drama. As a Christian I pray for peace

Vero Mamatshoane

There are many things not being told, dig a bit deeper into facts and the Truth and you will find Putin might not quite be the monster he is painted as. Does he have faults- yes! Does he have blood on his hands- yes! The same could be said of Pilate in his day.

John Brian Smith