Do you like the Book of Esther?And why

I like.

It is a great book which shows God’s great mercy and love toward the Israel people. Though the people of Israel always committed sins and betrayed God to turn to the idol worship, once they repent God always embrace them and bless them more.
The book of Esther is talking about the relationship between God and people of Israel.

Yes, I like this book. After learning again about this book, I understand that in this book, Esther is a great people of God.

I like this book also. It is a beautiful story and witness to God’s grace and mercy.

Yes, the book of Esther is unusual and I like it very much.

In the book of Esther God is not mentioned, and it seems to be a thoroughly secular story of Jews; however, the book is deeply involved with other chapters of biblical revelation.

I like the book, it shows us encouraging good and punishing evil, we always should do our best in our lives like Esther.

Love this book. It’s dramatic, but from the story I can see that God is sovereign. He always keeps the promise with His people. His guiding is really amazing, beyond man’s thoughts. What I can do is only to trust in Him no matter what.

Yes, I like it.
Faith is " When this is done, I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish."