Do you pray about the money you spend?

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Do you pray about the money you spend?

We must realize that we do not own any possessions like money or thing that we can call our own. Everything that we have belongs to God. So for me, everytime I spend something; I ask God’s permission first before I will venture.

Let me give you an example. There is this advertisement in Facebook regarding investment. I was so fascinated by its compensation plan, but a bit hesitant to puf up a big amount of money and join. That night my eagerness to join was so strong that I couldn’t sleep. So I prayed to God for guidance. I ask him if this business is for me, can I spend the money I have and join? Just give me a sign Lord and thy will be done…The next few days, I just read a news that the company I wish to join in was a scam! So until today, I am grateful that the Lord forbids my eagerness to join. From that day onwards, I never spend money without asking God’s guidance.

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