Do you recite Bible verses always?

Do you recite Bible verses always?

Sometimes, I recited and forgot and recited again and forgot again, what’s the meaning??? :thinking:

We should read the bible as much as possible.

I wish I can recite the Bible verse every day, but I do not do well so far.

Yes, I keep reciting 3 Bible verses everyday for over 2 months. It helps me a lot and give me more spiritual strength. I encourage you guys to do this from now. It is like a big fortune for our life. If you can’t keep it by yourself, I suggest you find more people to build a group. It will become easier and easier, if you do it everyday.

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I will begin to recite Bible verses from today. I plan to start from The Epistle of Jude. This is very short. I can finish it very well. God please help me to have a good beginning…:slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I always recite.

I always recite bible verses. But I need recite all the time.

It is powerful to quote the Bible. Because it contains the wisdom of the Word of God. The preaching which quotes a lot of the Word is more graceful and has deep wisdom. So it is very important to memorize the Bible.

NO :sob: I am so lazy. But I know I should do so. Reciting Bible verses have the greatest benefit for my life.

I would have done it before, however… I should do more :frowning:

I read for hours every day. However I do not “recite” I always go find the scripture I want to share in the Bible so that I can accurately quote it. Reciting might have worked for me at a younger age, but except for the ones I learned in my youth at church (23rd Psalm, The Lord’s Prayer) my mind is having a good day if I remember to get my teeth in! :joy:

I know reciting verses is important and I want to do it everyday. But it is hard for me to insist.

Yes, My friend memorize three Bible verses, but it is a little bit stressful for me, I just recite one Bible verse every single day.