Do you still love the old hymns?

I’ve visited several churches and I always feel a bit disappointed bc they never sing the old hymns! :frowning: You always have to sit and endure these cheesy surface songs with repetitive verses. I really wish people would realize that the old songs are very edifying, convicting, and powerful and that they need to be sung frequently. I’ve often wondered if people prefer the newer songs bc they aren’t as convicting. They’re more about God and his glory than they are about forsaking sin and being holy. It is good to glorify God, of course, but part of glorifying him is singing about and rejoicing over the change He has made in our souls. Like the song “There’s Power in the Blood”. The lyrics are below. Look how it talks about freedom from sin and having victory over evil. A lot of churches don’t even teach that a holy life is possible.

Jessica Kerns Willis