Do you think a place is more spiritual than others?

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Do you think a place is more spiritual than others?

I have heard some Christians who like to pray a lot say that. But when I quickly think about the Bible, then the only “spiritual” places mentioned are places, where idols are worshiped. In John 4 the Samaritan woman asks Jesus where to worship and he answers the time is coming and is already here where the true worshipers will not go here or there, but will worship in spirit and in truth – not at a certain place but seems anywhere. As long as it is in spirit and in truth …

Some people think some places are very spiritual because there are many people have prayed there, what do you think? Is there any Biblical proof?

I agree. In the Old Testament, the Israel always go to the temple to give offering and pray. Now we are in the New Testament, we worship God and have service in Church. It’s set apart form the world, special space. God’s Spirit comes down and bless us.

Yeah, I agree that. Because we know that prayer is a spiritual thing, so does our worship.
Also we separate a certain place to worship God.
I think you can feel that place is a special one.