Do you think animals can go to heaven?

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Do you think animals can go to heaven?

This question really hits me as an animal lover, for I really love my pet, the realization that their lives were shorter than ours, I only wanted the best for them. They do not commit mistakes for their thinking capacity and decision-making skill was not of humans. Do you think they go to heaven like us?

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I think NO

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Hello, dear @iona090,
I think this is a difficult question, open for a lot of interpretation and personal feelings.
In my own opinion, being an animal lover myself, I don’t think that they go to the Heaven in the same “way” than us. As they don’t have free will or real self awareness. But what I think is that when you go to heaven if you want to be reunited with your dog, cat or any animal you will.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

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I do understand your sentiments. And yes, they don’t have free will or more like a soul I think, for their thinking capacity is not the same as ours. I think it is really sweet that you will have a chance to meet your beloved pet in heaven if you dwell on it. Thanks!

Yes i think.
i love cats they are so adorable and cute. technically the kitten.
I think they will go to heaven too because our Lord God created them.
they have a special place in heaven. One of my kitten die last week i was so sad. But i know that cat has a place in heaven playing around with other animals.

I think they do. We are not the only living creation made by the Lord God. He loves and cares for all of His creations. No matter how big or small.

I agree with @kianna, I also think that even the animals go to heaven. God is not a bias God. He is not in favor only in humans. He created all of us from scratch according to His image and likeness. His creations are unique and beautiful. We reflect His own heart. He loves us equally.

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Yes, exactly @kbadum! Our God created the whole universe and we only know a very little portion about it. He loves all of His creations!