Do you think Christianity is just a religion?

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Do you think Christianity is just a religion?

Do you think Christianity is just a religion?

For some people, Christianity is not a “religion”, but a way of life that permeates all that they say, do and believe. Wearing that shirt is a way of distinguishing oneself from others and their specific beliefs…and that includes other Christians who aren’t as “vocal” as the wearer may be.

I don’t care much for this “trendy” version of Christianity. It’s like they are saying to others “Yeah, I’m a Christian so I’m cool and with the “In” crowd and better than the rest of you…and if you don’t look and act and think exactly like I do, then YOU are not a real Christian.”

To me, spirituality/religion is a highly personal thing, and such an attitude as that sort of t-shirt just trivializes the real message of Christianity.
Also, I think the shirt is pretty arrogant, along with a few others I’ve seen out there…like the one that says I Pray (using the eBay logo)…
It’s as though those particular Christians are so insecure that they must wear their spirituality literally on their sleeve to convince themselves as well as others they are right!
To me it’s really a form of spiritual and emotional immaturity. It’s like they can’t or don’t want to acknowledge that others may feel equally as strong about their different spiritual beliefs, too…or others may feel their religion, spirituality, discipline, whatever you want to call it is the right way.
I’d rather wear my beliefs in my heart, than on some t-shirt like fans of a pop star might.

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Christianity may be a religion, but “Christian Faith” is Relationship with GOD.

That’s not exactly true. I thought it the same for many years, but the simple truth is most definitions in many dictionaries do show Christianity as a “Religion.” I think where the confusion comes in is the fusion or blending of many other religions together into the single belief of which each and all of the acclaimed beliefs (religions) hold one basic truth; that the all believe in the same God of the Holy Bible.

It is a lifestyle rather than a religion.

Christianity is seen by the world as a religion, but by those of us who believe in it it transcends religion. Or that our faith in Christ is not in a religion, but in Christ himself

No, i do not think Christianity is just a religion. i think it is truth, real