Do you think christians should have dietary restrictions?

Do you think Christians should have dietary restrictions ?:thinking:

yes, i think so. Christians should control their food. and manage their spirit, soul, and body well.

Humans definitely should have some dietary restrictions to maintain good health :slight_smile:

What does the bible say about dietary restrictions for Christians?

Old Testament
In the Old Testament, God gave commandments to the Israelites what are the food that they are not supposed to eat.

  • Those that chew cud or have a split hoof but not both (like camels, rabbits, pigs)
  • Sea creatures that do not have fins and scales (like crustaceans)
  • Birds that eat flesh or carrion (like crows, raptors, sea gulls)
  • Most winged insects except those that swarm and jump

For detailed information you can read Leviticus 11.

New Testament

In New Testament when Jesus was questioned about the disciples having food without washing hands by the pharisees, Jesus replied that nothing that enters people stomach is harmful rather what comes out is harmful. (Mark 7: 18-19) and Mark says in saying this Jesus declared all food are clean.

Another very interesting incident is recorded in Acts where Apostle Peter sees a vision where God shows Peter a big sheet full of animals coming down from heaven when he was hungry. God told him to eat it. Peter replied to God that he never ate anything unclean in his life and he wouldn’t do so now. But God said do not say anything unclean that the lord has made clean. This happens 3 times and the sheet goes back. You can read it in (Acts 10:9-22) in its context and why God showed this vision to Peter.

This is based on the Bible. But practically it is good to discern based on the circumstances you are in. For instance if you are in the countries that restrict certain food you may not want to get into trouble eating those food in that country. Or certain situations may require you not to eat certain foods. In those cases better to avoid.

As Paul says Christians are free to do anything. But not all things are beneficial. (1 Corinthians 6:12-13) Therefore it is wisdom to have right discernment to use the doctrine of food practically.

Hope this helps!

Yes, I think so. Christians need to seek spiritual food than physical one.^^