Do you think David would go to hell?

Do you think David would go to hell? Psalms 16:9-10 he says you will not leave my soul in hell.

Christy Pearson Hall

Depends which bible you are reading. Hell can also mean death, the realm of the dead. Same as Seoul and Hades. David was saying that God would not leave him in death, but would fulfil his promise of the resurrection, and bring him back to eternal life.

Marco De Sa

Hell is in the ground. Farmers used to put their potatoes in hell. David, don’t leave my soul, body, in hell. David awaits the resurrection from the grave, ground, hell.

Peggy Harris Kies

No. The Bible says David was a man after God’s own Heart.

John Cr

Sheol is the place of the dead, or the state of being away from this life, where both Lazarus and the rich man went, whence each was taken to their final destination, Rich man to Hell/Hades and Lazarus to Paradise.David meant God will never abandon hi… See more

Masimini Pilson

That word Hell is grave and that was a prophetic word referring to Jesus Christ.

Haggai Shituntami

God bless you family in His Perfect Love

Todd McAdams