Do you think God is powerful?

Do you think God is powerful?

Sure. I can do all thing with God :grin:

In your daily life, do you always experience God’s power?

God healed my sickness

God can be with me wherever I go and be my immediate help and strengthen.

Yes, he is almighty, but he is also very weak to us because he loves us.

Yes, God is powerful, and He changes my hearts amazingly, which is unbelievable but He does.

Surly God is powful.

Why do you ask such question?

Don’t you think so?

of course. God is the strongest. This world and the Creator of us, everything is under God’s control.

Yes. God is powerful. He created the earth and heaven. He created us. He knows everything and he can rule they illness .

When I am weak then am I strong. God is powerful, but if I rely on own strength, and don’t realize my limitation, I will not ask help from God, then I will not experience His power.

Yes, God is powerful.
At the same time, God is a humble. In my life, I can experience God’s power. Most of my prayers have been fulfilled. It is not in a miracle way I expected, but I confess that is God’s work after I experience that.

God is mighty that is what the Bible tells us.
But if you want to experience His power, you should believe in Him and rely on Him.

Amen. I agree with you.
I often experience God through my prayer. For some of my prayer topics, I record them, because it is easy for me to forget. But later when I checked it, I found it was fulfilled.

Yes,I believe God is powerful.
He is God who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. But what is more important is the ability to love Himself. In order to love us, the Lord is even crucified for our sins and ransom our sins.