Do you think that Christians' life is dull?

Do you think that Christians' life is dull?

Some people say that Do you Christians’ life is dull, how do you think?

No, Christians’ life is the most wonderful, because God is with me, and my God is wonderful.

What do you think? Your life is dull?

I think those who say Christians’ life is dull are non-believers, or they are false brothers as the Bible says. They don’t know truth and have no God’s love in their heart, so for them Christianity is just one of the religions, full of dead rules.

Of course not.
There are so many false brothers and sisters, they always say that.
It just shows that they receive too much from Satan instead of God.
For a true Christian, even if this person just live in one room and can not do anything, he still feel joy because he has Jesus in him.

No, I don’t think so. In this secure world, we know everything is meaningless. So we come to God. We know He is eternal. But when we don’t connect with God, we feel our life is dull. So we should fight to abide in His love, fight to stay with Him.

Not in the least,my life is full now with the presence of God and the Holy Spirit if that is what is called dull i would say not at all😁