Do you think that God is listening your prayers all the time?

Do you think that God is listening your prayers all the time?

Yes, I believe God is listening my prayers. Because the Bible says it.Our faith is based on God’s words, not on our own thoughts.

Do you think that God is like a father?

Yes, I believe that God hears my prayers all the time.

Of course.
If not, why do we pray?

God will neither slumber nor sleep.

Certainly. God is our Heavenly Father. He wishes to hear every of our prayers. He longs for communicating with us all the time.

Yes, I believe God listens to my prayer all the time. Just as Jesus confessed," Father I thank you that You have heard me, and you always hear me.
This is our basic faith. We should know we don’t deserve His listening. But for the sake of His love. He listened to us.

His word says it gives Him joy when His children conversate and ask Him do things for them.God’s word say He waites with anticipation💓

Yes, God is the God of prayer. He listens to all my prayers.
Although there are still no achievements, I believe there is a reason for God to accomplish my prayer at the most appropriate time.
In prayer that does not conform to God’s heart, God will also lead to change my mind and pray according to God’s will.