Do you think that joining in Choir is important?

Do you think that joining in Choir is important?

It’s up to you.
I didn’t join the choir. I have no time now. Later maybe I will do it, it’s a position to meet God and to be blessed. :kissing_closed_eyes:

In your church, do you join in choir always? Why?

Yes, I think so. Choir is a position to guide the listeners into erasing God together. It is very important.

It is not very important.
I am not good at singing, and if I joined, it might be bothered.

Not now, but I used to. It was very gracegul experience I ever experienced.

If praising God is a good thing for you, I recommend you enter the Praise Team. Your beautiful praise will please God.

I serve in Choir team. I like praise our Father God, for his infinite grace and love for me.

Do you love praising God.
For someone praising is a important channel to get grace, they feel so close with God when they praise God.
But it is not necessary for anyone to join in Choir.
But it is a blessed position. like angels.

Yes,I am joining in Choir in my church every week now.
I like to Praise God,
And the positions of preaching and praising in the service of worship are standing vertically in front of God.
Choir’s service is very important, but also get God’s grace and blessings.
According to your own situation, choose where to serve. Believe that God has given you the gift, to discover, to practice.