Do you think the christian movies help Christian faith? Why?

Through movies, we can understand Bible well.

Absolutely, the movies impact on our emotions and imaginations of faith.

Of course not.

It is just for fun. You should know that the movie is not free.

Sure. The movies have a deep understanding about the faith. when we watch, God will help us understand the Bible better.

Yes. I agree. Because through my experience, I found that the movies helps me build up my faith deeper.

Christian films will be able to help. But I think it is more important to know the Bible than that. The film has a lot of worldly elements. Also, according to the bishop, the biblical interpretation is not the same as the mythical content. I think that such movies can confuse the faith rather.

I think so. There are many good christian movies. And many christians confess that through the movies, they receive god’s grace.

I think so and it depends on the movie. Some movies really help us to understand the bible better and give us example to live out our christian faith, such as the War Room.

Christian movie can help christian to grow in their faith, but they need to put what they learn from the movie to their christian life. No matter what they learn from the movie, but do not put it into practice, that does not help.

Yes, if not, why to make christian movies?

I like many christian movies and they are also very good tools to preach the gospel, such as the movie–the sound of the music.

I think God can use literally anything to reach us. That includes movies. Christian movies are just as prone to be fiction or fact (just as worldly movies are fiction or fact) and sometimes a mixture of both.

As to whether it helps us understand the Bible well, I think it might be better to say it can be a good introduction. No Bible based movie no matter how excellent I have ever seen, including The Bible (the series) which was well done, can be as good as the book it is based on: the actual Holy Bible.

However, I would add that if a person has a difficulty too great to overcome in reading it, there are audio Bibles available online for free. This is what will help one understand the Bible well - reading it, whether it’s with your eyes or your ears.

Again, God can use anything to reach us. And Christian movies can move previous unbelievers to believers as well as remind Christians of things they might have forgotten about God and His Love or His Word. But they cannot help in understanding life as much as the original text. They are a blessing, not the main course.

Yes. Because what the Bible recorded is true life, and if we put the Bible into movies, as people who are living 2000 years far away from the time of Jesus, the movie will help us to know better about what happened in the Bible.