Does anyone else find this verse interesting in that it says sins committed in ignorance

Does anyone else find this verse interesting in that it says sins committed in ignorance.
Are you aware Blood sacrifices never forgave Presumptive Sins? What did? See Psalms 51.
Hebrew 9:7 But only the high priest ever entered the Most Holy Place, and only once a year. And he always offered blood for his own sins and for the sins the people had committed in ignorance."

MajorVon Arney

As you read the gospels about the Christmas story you’ll see the after Mary had Jesus she had to go to the temple and take two birds to be sacrificed for her having a child. That was done in case she sin unintentionally it would be covered. You really … See more

Daniel Hutch

MajorVon Arney There DEFINITELY ARE sins committed in ignorance…Psychics and Mediums are actually talking to Demons and will be condemned for it because the Bible states it. They think they are talking to Spirit Guides

Tartracheon Greenies

Thank God that’s not our new covenant

Christopher Fuentes

God forgave David for his sins of murder and adultery — and David’s sin was absolutely presumptive in that sense.Unforgivable sins in the Old Testament were sins done explicitly in rebellion against God without any trace of repentance afterwards.… See more

Robert Ash

The High Priest went into the Holy of Holly’s once a year they would sacrifice a lamb or other animal sprinkle the blood on the Jew’s that would cover there sins for a year. Then The Lord Jesus went to the cross shed his blood and anyone who believ… See more

Vivien Bonsall

I think there are many ignorantly sinning today because they don’t know the Word. They get angry and attack you when you present scripture that denies their personal opinions. They have made God into their image and not the other way around. They are s… See more

Alicia Ashland