Does anyone else smile when they hear the name Jesus Christ?

Does anyone else smile when they hear the name, Jesus Christ?


Hi Kalvin, personally Yes. I smile when hear His name and even when I heard worship songs calling His name and sharing those words He has done to us. Oftentimes, I also forget to smile instead I just become silent when I have a big problems to cope up, sometimes it is really to smile back to anybody. For instance, when we pray to God we may unconsciously see the face that frowned at us when we were little. That person’s criticisms, anger, or worries may be imprinted into our heart. We “know” God loves us yet deep down inside we’re afraid that he’s not really for us, that he also will disappoint us or hurt us in some way- sometimes these instance enters in my mind everytime I heard the name of Jesus Christ.

Yes of course, smiling is an understatement. My heart leaps for joy whenever I hear the name Jesus Christ. Especially when you hear from the least person you expect it to hear from or when you hear it from a place you don’t expect hearing. It is such a blessing to hear the name of a selfless savior, who sacrificed everything all for the love to His people. Just thinking about how much He loves me makes me smile, just like now while I’m writing this comment, I am smiling because the topic is my beautiful savior JESUS CHRIST.

I am one of the people who smile when I hear Jesus’ name. I think its because his name is very powerful that it gives out positive energy. His promises always come into my mind every time I hear his name. It feels nice to have a father who loves us regardless of our imperfections.

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Present! I am one of those people who smiles when I hear and utter God’s name…Sometimes I forget to smile, especially if I am in the verge of my anger especially last days ago… I hate my Filipina neighbor because she keeps going into our house asking for free veggies knowing that we are buying too…we do have a garden but it is for sale…in one week she keeps coming back and picking for free…even if you say it is for sale, she’ll not gonna mind you…Sorry I ranted it here, and I am so sorry Lord…

@FaithinGod Yes! Very Yes! Jesus the most beautiful name that I know.
A name above every names. Name that gives us hope and peace
Name that deliver us from Evil.
As Chris Tomlin’s song How Great is our God
“Name above all names
Worthy of our praise
My heart will sing
How great is our God”

Yes indeed! The name of Jesus gives me joy in my heart everytime I hear it because Jesus is the most beautiful name above all names. The name of Jesus is above every name! We are to pray in His name, give thanks in His name, and His name gives us His power! If you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or struggling in any way, my prayer is that you find the strength and power you need.

Yes!! Most especially when I hear it from those people who once struggled so hard in life or with their faith. It feels so so good seeing people drawing themselves near to Him, seeing people happy and praising Him.

I agree dear @kianna…it is so inspiring to see people transform from atheist to believing God in the long run…I labelled my bestfriend as atheist before because whenever I will tell her to pray she will just smirk and ask “are you sure God will answer your prayer?” And then she will laugh…but years passed, I saw her going to church lighting a candle…and as of today, she is an active member of Singles for Christ…

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Awwee that’s beautiful! It really warms my heart witnessing people glow up spiritually. We all need God in our lives. It just shows how patient and understanding the Lord is to all of us. I am very very happy for your friend, @MakkaPakka!

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