Does anyone feel difficulty when evangelizing?

Does anyone feel difficulty when evangelizing?

Do you feel difficulty evangelizing? Have you ever tried to evangelize friends or family?


To preach the gospel is to communicate God’s truth. Truth can be rejected in an evil world. It may be rejected. But the Word of God must be planted to save the soul.

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yes, it is very difficulty, When i evangelize in US, i think there are rare people. i even meet the same people in the street.

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Yes, evangelism is a challenge for me.I can really feel its hardship

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I think to evangelize friends or family is more difficult than strangers.

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I think for me the hardest part is feeling unprepared. I worry about saying the wrong thing before I even begin evangelizing.

Hello @ht7 Do you feel difficulty evangelizing? Yes it so hard. Because it will test your patience and ability to understand a person.

Have you ever tried to evangelize friends or family? Yes also tried this one. Many Times and until now they have so many alibi and sometimes you will get angry because some of them are arguing with you. So as my number 1 answer you need to pack a lots of Patience to evangelize your family and friends.
Pray harder also God has a plan.

Sharing your faith with nonbelievers can be intimidating and difficult, but also incredibly rewarding. Evangelism is a cornerstone of the Christian faith and can be a great way to connect with people and share your passion in a tactful, friendly manner.

It’s hard to evengalize people who has no beliefs or faith. They still need to grow and learn to gain knowledge about him in that way it’s no difficult for us anymore to evangalize them.

Hello there, dear @ht7
To be honest between family and friends is not difficult, actually it’s part of our routine when we are sharing a Sunday lunch, a birthday cake or some special ocassion. I would recommend that for you too, it always better when you feel the presence of God in your family and friends.
Regarding evangelizing to people, it is actually hard, you must find the right way to make them feel comfortable to open up their hearts, the people that needs it more sometimes are the ones who have suffered the most on life because of bad decisions of bad luck, so it’s actually a challenge sometimes.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

@ht7 Yes, I find it difficult to evangelize people too especially those who are close to me. They have a variety of excuses. Although, I believe that when you evangelize, you plant a seed in their hearts. There are other people who waters that seed and God is also working. It may take time but at least you already planted a seed.

I truly agree with this one. My father and sister somehow keep arguing whenever we try to share God’s word. Maybe it is hard to share God’s word within our family because sometimes my father keeps on opening up past mistakes :frowning: \

Personally, it will take me weeks of preparation before opening up to someone. Maybe because I do not want other people to misunderstand what I am trying to say so I try to assess my words from different perspectives.