Does dreams have any meaning?

Does dreams have any meaning? I’m not talking scientifically like with how we come up with dreams, but of what the dreams can mean in a biblical since. I had a dream that I was in hell, it was hot, like boiling water was poured onto me, I seen everything was red and the ground was like lava, there was fire everywhere, there was tall dark mountains and I seen black figures, they looked like human shape, they were standing looking towards me, I heard screams of agony and nothing could make it stop. This was a good few years ago but I still remember it, I woke up crying and couldn’t go back to sleep for a good bit, this was during when I was agnostic and wrote it off as a strange dream, but now I’m wondering if it was showing me what’s going to happen to me or something, or maybe my brain was coming up with something like I was being mean to people in my life and it was my punishment. About a year or so later I came back to God and hadn’t have that dream since but I’m curious about the meaning

Megan Jean

They can. Joseph interpreted dreams. There are many examples of visions and dreams in the bible. Just be careful, not all dreams have biblical meaning, or any meaning at all.

Jaclyn Roberts

Years ago I had a similar dreams. Reacted like you did. I awoke screaming and crying. But I asked God in the strongest way possible., What would happean to me if I didn’t live for Him. That very night he allowed me to have a dream , and in that dream I… See more

Willie Marie Brown

Yes they can if they are from the Lord. Sounds like He was showing you something. He doesn’t want anyone going to hell, but many will, but He is doing everything He can to warn us all in advance of the choice we have. It’s great you listened.

Suzanne Box