Does God act only when we pray?

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Does God act only when we pray?

It is important that we pray for each other, pray for the sick or pray for anyone at the time of trouble. But does God act only if we pray or he acts without one praying? What are some of your thoughts on this?

I think God is God, and he works according to his will.I think it is our own judgment that whether God works before or after our prayer.In fact, God works at the time he thinks best, perhaps before or after our prayers.Sometimes I think even our prayers are the result of the leading of Holy Spirit, not the Holy Spirit’s work because of our prayers.I don’t know if I’m making myself clear. I hope I don’t confuse you more.

No, prayer can practice God’s love and us. Actually, when we do not know how to pray, Jesus also pray for us.

God commands us to pray, continually. If we call Him LORD, LORD but do not obey His commands, we are in the wrong, we sin.

God is Sovereign, therefore He is never limited by us. “But does God act only if we pray?” is a pagan idea, not a Christian one.

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