Does God care about Superbowl?

Does God care about Superbowl?

Every year Superbowl players testify the work of God in their lives and some even testify that God helped them win the Superbowl. This article from Christian Post reports about Christian players testifying their relationship with God. (2/4/2019)

Here is a small read from Lifeway titled,“Does God decide, care who wins the Super Bowl?” (2016)

My thought and question is does God care about the Superbowl in anyway?
and Does he decide or care who wins the game?

I once saw a movie called “facing the giants”, in which people raised similar questions: does God care about Super Bowl?I liked the coach’s answer: God doesn’t care about Super Bowl , but God cares about us. And if our hearts are in God, God’ll cares about the things we do, like Super Bow , like our attitude in class, l.I think if we do something with a heart of gratitude and glory, then it has to do with God and he cares about what we do.

yes, i think God will care.

Short answer: not at all.

Longer answer: if players on the teams pray, God hears the prayers of those who are righteous among them. But that does not mean that God will make sure their team will win.

Salvation is so much more important that who wins a football game.