Does God hate?

Does God hate ?

Ari’Yah Benjamin

God hates sin not His creation its like if you have a child you don’t hate your baby but when that baby acts up and does wrong you hate the wrong but you keep loving the child… I can love you and not love some behavior especially when I see its negative or death bringing effects

Chris P Bacon

yes He hates just like us

Lorna Taitano

In order to say God Loves something you must also say that he hates. He Loves Justice Therefore He hates injustice

Donovan Willis

God’s hatred cannot be compared to human understanding and our current use of that word. Remember that God’s anger, wrath, and discipline is righteous so thus His hatred is a righteous hatred.

Jonathan Newman

Yes He hates anything that goes against His will

Jennifer Strobel

God hates evil.

Jesus Paulo

Hate= to love less

Juan Geffen