Does God have a sense of humor?

Does God have a sense of humor? I mean we all like to joke about it when certain things happen in out lives but I’m curious, does He really?

Rebecca Kathleen

We are all created in his image and likeness so if we have a sense of humour then I bet God himself will too.

Edward Reid

It’s easy! We were MADE IN HIS IMAGE. As long as the “humor” is not offending or in bad taste or at someone else’s expense it should be fine! The test is this, ask yourself WOULD I TELL THAT JOKE IF JESUS WAS IN THE ROOM? (He is always in the room)

Ron Atkins

No one knows, unless they’ve met him. But, it seems like he does have a sense of humor, and a pretty good one, I mean just look around at some of the people that he created.

Lyle Henry