Does God still perform healing and miracles today

Does God still perform healing and miracles today

Maxwell Wahlang

I pray every time my girlfriend has abdominal pain and Jesus heals her. I prayed for a good buddy of mine out in England and he was healed too. It’s all God though. When we pray for healing with all our hearts God will answer. God does many great miracles.

Javi Juarez

Yes. But you may get healed .Even you don’t get healed, keep praying for peace. Don’t get angry or depressed. Pray n God knows your heart.

Patricia Myung Hee Liu

Yesoo and will continue forever and ever. Amen.

Nkechi Dimanochie

Yes because Our Lord Jesus is the same yesterday , today and forever .

Ranoco B. Mgrace

I pray for healing and miracle lord! Please help us! in jesus name! Amen!

Lyn Nozid David Onairam

Pray for a baby who needs a miracle. Neylam is his name. A strong healing.

Sand Sere Ní

Yes, i am a living testimony He healed me. Because Jesus is a faithful and promise keeper God believe!!!

Maryanne Diokno Valeriano DeTorres