Does prayer works ? Tell me something you ever prayed about and it happened?

Does prayer works ?? Tell me something you ever prayed about and it happened ??

Woodna Jacques

Many times, got healing few times, equipment was broken prayed and it started working, needed rain it started to rain, as long as you walk close with God you will get prayers answered all the time

Mike Adamyuk

Yes! Absolutely! I prayed to know Him-I prayed for guidance and wisdom in so many areas of my life- There have been times where financially I have been in a difficult place and by God’s blessing he provided- I prayed over relationships- my job- prayed … See more

Grace Lily

I prayed to god to heal and spare the life of someone i know. Then he became healed.

Paul Bukovinsky

Prayed for a friend with terminal cancer with 1 inch tumours in each lung. He was immediately completely healed. I prayed for a man with terminal congestive heart failure it immediately disappeared and he lived a further ten years past the three days … See more

Steve Grose

I prayed to God to change me and use me for His glory and He did , He trusted and gives me the gifts of healing and deliverance ,etc.Whatever I pray He listens ,. I’ve seen with my own eyes when I prayed to someone for healing and deliverance and God … See more

Ranoco B. Mgrace

Prayer is not just to get what you want It’s also for you to get through!! When you lean on God you get through your trial with more peace god shoulders that burden. Answers to prayers come in all manners!!

James Ristau

Our first grandchild was born 4 months early. 1 pound 15 ounces… after 4 months in NICU Doctor said let her go. She is just not going to be the child you want. Too much work keeping her breathing… her teenage parents, our son & his wife, wer… See more

Beverly Stuart Wharton

If you’re been tormented by demonic spirits/demons
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