Does praying for my daughter’s soul really work?

Does praying for my daughter’s soul really work? She says she doesn’t believe she will go to Heaven and she doesn’t believe in Hell. She says she hates God for giving her learning disabilities and mental disorder. She doesn’t want to go to church or read the Bible. Her mental illness cannot be “cured” by medication. Only therapy is the only option.
we’ve dealt with her learning disabilities all her life. Her mental illness she’s been suffering from since 13. She’s now 24. Seems like all I’ve done is pray for her everyday since and it’s got worse not better. It seems like God only answers certain prayers. She won’t go to church, read the Bible, therapy, etc. Seems like her mental disorder is getting worse not better. what should I do?

Lisa Marie Aman

I am going thru something similar, I have been praying for over 30 years, but I know God is faithful and His plan is perfect. “He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him whose thoughts turn often to the Lord”

Toni Landrum

Keep the faith it will happen ! God bless you all and may god answer all yr prayers it will come glory all to you father in the highest. Lord bless her daughter and heal her from every negative force I put it all at the foot of your cross and in your healing :mending_heart: hands Praise you Jesus Yashua here my prayer hallelujah & amen

Rema Razouk-Tourfa

I had a husband that was mentally distractive. He hated that God made him. It was so difficult. I kept loving him. My desire was to learn to love God with all my heart And surrender completely to Gods care. I trusted Him and knew He seen every thing. I read the Bible daily, sang songs all the time to The Lord, went into community and got a job directed my energy to helping people at group homes. Stay positive and trust GOD He will bring you through.

Hope Thompson

Even when we can’t see it He’s working even when we don’t feel it He’s working. For His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Never give up. Pray without ceasing. You have planted that seed and watered it and continued to nurture it let God take over and keep being His faithful servant and praying all that you can do. Keep offering the option of coming with you to church and at least she will always know you’re there. He knows the plans He has for her. Take heart

Tegan ErinRose

Love her, Pray that God will make something happen in her and Trust He will do, WILL DO The right thing for her and then know God is in charge and you might not see The Results this side of Heaven and then ask God for peace in your life.!! Keep Loving, Keep Praying and Keep Moving.!! lot of Keeps, Right?

Jimmy Lang

Keep on praying to the Lord he will help .prayers

Linda Massie