Does someone need to attend church to be spiritual?

Does someone need to attend church to be spiritual?

I meet someone who insists that he doesn’t want to go to church, he thinks just reading the Bible and praying at home are fine? What should do ? Please help me .

– Be his first Christian friend! Read the Bible together. And if he is willing only, pray together.

– Sometimes just letting a person know you are willing to fellowship as a fellow Christian is encouraging. Some people are shy. Sometimes, once you are friends, you will find out the specific reasons (if there are any) as to why he does not want to go to church.

Personally, I have my own reasons. The largest of which is that I am 99.8% housebound. That means, I get out of the house when an ambulance hauls me or the doctor demands to see me. So, one never knows why, and don’t assume! Ask respectfully.

– If the reason he does not wish to go to church is too hard or complicated for you to handle,
by all means, go to your own church fellowship and ask them for help!

– Perhaps somewhere in this process, you will have enough trust from your friend who reads the bible and prays at home that he will allow you to bring a friend (maybe from church) who can be helpful with his reasons of not going to church. Try to pick someone who can listen and respect other’s point of view without getting defensive about their own faith.

– If they can get along, that person is now his second Christian friend. Sometimes it is hard to understand what help fellowship can be when all you have ever experienced of church is “rules, rules and more rules”.

Nowhere in the Bible have I seen that we must speak about God, share about God, or enjoy Christian fellowship only in a church building!

If you have somehow picked that ^^ up, I pray you will reconsider.

God is supposed to be #1 in our lives. If we only spend a few hours a week acknowledging Him (at church) then how can we say we have put Him first?

Yeah, attending the church is very important. After one people received Jesus as his Savior and his Lord, he didn’t belong to himself any more, but the member of the body of Jesus Christ, and Church is the body of Jesus, and Jesus Christ is the head, we are members, we need Jesus Christ and each other. Only in the body of Christ, we can fulfill God’s willing on us and grow spiritually.

the purpose attending church to have fellowship with other bothers and sisters not to become spiritual

in one way that is true…the word of God says never leave Church gathering so by attending church we obey God’s word, spiritual person who obey God’s Word