Does this site TRACK posts, post to Facebook, or even your "newspaper"?

Does this site TRACK posts, post to Facebook, or even your "newspaper"?

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This is ridiculous. I have a right to know if what I write on what was, in August 2018, called a standalone website, is now being broadcast to some “group” someone made on Facebook as well as your weird “newspaper” I’ve never seen?

Folks, be careful until this site explains how they are “cross mapping” you. Sounds like target practice to me.

Hi, Sunami, thanks for your message. I am a moderator of this site. is the previous name of this site. After several months, we changed its name to, which is secondary domain name of

As the site is in the beginning, it doesn’t have many users, so we invited some members to find good resources in christian Facebook groups, including questions and prayer topics, and give source link to the post. We hope through this way, more people can know this site and use it for sharing and Q&A.

I hope this answer will help you. If you have any other question, feel free to reply.

In Christ

Thank you @Steven for your answer.

Since the site is now over 6 months old, perhaps there is something clearer you could spell out for members? Finding good resources from Facebook Groups is good only if you’ve got the permission of that group leader or members you are quoting. I find it not exactly comforting to think that people are to give out what others have written on Facebook and have not written here. Especially since you are including such personally shared items like questions and prayer topics. In fact, I just reported one person doing this who spammed one topic with FIFTY replies all by themselves. This is out of control. I’d like to see more structure that is less demeaning to those who do not know their posts on Facebook are being transferred to this site.

I hope I was clear. If not, please feel free to ask me questions about what I wrote.
Thanks, and God bless,