Don't forget GOD


Too often, when we are in need, we remember God. And he always help us in different ways. When things are bad, pray. When things are good, pray. Don’t forget God when we don’t get what we prayed for. But don’t also forget God when we get what we prayed for. Whatever happens, pray and be grateful for everything He has done for us. Whether it’s good or bad, let’s always thank him. He has always bless us in many ways we could ever imagine.

Indeed @Jenny Don’t Forget God When we already get what we prayed for.
Pray for God and Give Him Thanks. Small Things or Big Things Don’t Forget Him. He is doing His best to make our life easier so be thankful…
Thank you Lord for the shower of blessings Everyday I owe you everything.

Yes!! This is very important! Sometimes, people only talk to the Lord because they do not have what they want, and then when God gives them what they want, they do not thank Him. You must include God not only in your struggles but also in your victories!

This is the harsh reality of our world today. When we are broken and we are at our lowest and we hit rock bottom and there is nowhere to run and no one to turn to, we seek for God’s intervention. We pray to Him, pouring out everything we have all the heaviness and aches deep inside. Then while waiting for His answer we continuously pray and never depart from Him. But when God already answered our prayers and we are already being comforted by that answer then we forget about the one who gave us the answered prayer. That’s why we should always pray and ask God to protect us from ourselves, because this is the most dangerous person on earth, our own self.