Don't let your emotions be your decision maker. God can change everything!

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Hello, dear @Jenny
A thousand yes for this! We sometimes let feelings get the better of us, instead we should just accept reality and the struggles that can appear on our way, then pray and understand God out them there for a reason. He will not put an impossible obstacle for us, because he’s always by our side and he’ll always helps when we look for him.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Hi @Jenny!
I absolutely agree to this. People often make choices when they are in their most vulnerable state and this makes everything harder. When we are in our emotional state, we tend to be more sensitive and sometimes angry. We should always remember to calm down first before doing anything we will regret. Remember that God will always be with you through hard times. Never give up and believe in Him.

Amen! He loves you because you are His. So boldly look with hope and confidence to the future. Every day expect the best that God has for your life. And in your mind’s eye, visualize the great Creator of the Universe going before you, standing behind you and guiding every step you take ahead. God has a plan for you and is working a miracle in the midst of your biggest challenge. Victories are forthcoming, with more love, more joys and more blessings, in store for you.

In a world given to untethered emotions and cold apathy, a world impassioned by trivial things and unfeeling about eternity, we have a stunning opportunity: to let our reasonableness be known. We can live for God’s glory in God’s world as citizens of the next, loving what he loves, hating what he hates, living, laughing, and crying in such a way as to reflect the highest Reality: God is. He is at hand, and he keeps those in perfect peace whose minds are stayed not on their feelings, but on him