Don't worry, God is taking care of you and your family

Don’t worry, God is taking care of you and your family.

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@FaithinGod amen to this! This is really true. For the first time that our govt announces lockdown, We have family devotions for 3mos. God never leaves us. He is truly a Promise keeper.
No one in my family got sick. We never experienced lacking of food and lacking what we need. He is an awesome God

Thank you lord for being with us always and thank you also for giving my family protection against the corona virus. I hope everyone here is safe.

Yes indeed! Its true I thank God for taking care of my family He provide all our needs He never leave us He is always there listening to all our prayers its true that if you trust in Him there’s nothing to be worry. Thank you Lord for your wonderful love.

Two thumbs up to this @FaithinGod… I really do feel worried about my parents in the Philippines, and a bit anxious of their health as they are already senior citizens…but at the same time I am thankful and grateful to God because God supplied everything they need there despite the lockdowns…

Always grateful for all the guidance, protection and strength that God has always given me and my family. For always blessing us with food, good health and comfort. Especially during this pandemic lock down, it’s hard living away from them. My parents are old and I am very worried about them. Thank God, we didn’t run out of food and supplies from day 1 of lock down until now. God always provides for us. He always listens and knows what we need. Also, praying for everyone whose struggling and needs help right now. Be thankful for everything he has done and believe that He will never leave us. He will always provide for us.

Indeed! He takes care of us in any way possible. We are not alone in this journey, God is with us every step of the way. His ways and plans are unquestionable. We must surrender to Him and give Him our full trust.