DON’T WORRY, OUR TEARS HAS ENDING, based in Revelation 21:1-4 that “God will wipe away all tears, no more death, grief, crying or pain. Old things have disappeared”,
when this temporary hell world end and seen no more, and the New Heaven, New Earth and Jerusalem will take over from above heaven, for Jesus Christ true followers that is born again already in his Spirit who inherit Spiritual things that God prepared before creations, the Garden of Eden, Rev.21:5-22:1-21.
But those who are not born again in Jesus Spirit, who followed Satan be thrown in lake of fire which is second death, tormented day and night forever and ever, based in Revelation 20:7-15.
In this world, there’s really tears, pains and sufferings and death because of the curse that all inherited from Adam disobedience when all reached at legal age for having enough KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND BAD that caused all soul automatically owned already by Satan, Spiritually dead in God and have verdict already in hell even not yet dead because God standard in heaven is perfect.
That’s why all that reached at legal age no matter what races, religions, very good or bad, need savior before die and until die so that the verdict change thru Jesus Christ the perfect one, as Jesus said in John 3:16-18 God greatest proposal and center doctrine in the whole Bible and universe.
Jesus is not only human, but he is our Spirit Lord, Word of God and God our Creator became flesh, John 1:1-14 to die on the cross to save Adam and all mankind from the curse and verdict, John 1:29.
That’s why Jesus command to all that reached at legal age is MUST to be born again in his Spirit before die so that become alive again in God Spirit as child of God, John 1:12 so that anytime die surely go to heaven, John 3:3-8 as the purpose of life in this temporary hell world.
Think all and be Jesus Christ done on the cross be your source of happiness so that you not always cry.
In Jesus Christ name, Amen. God bless.