Double Talk on Twitter by Christian Medialite

Something caught my attention durring a dust up on Twitter. Someone asked Allie Beth Stuckey on June 9th if there were any emblems that would stop her watching and supporting The Chosen. This is related to the pride flag controversy on The Chosen set in their behind the scenes vid.

The reply by Allie Beth Stuckey was simply “I’ve never watched so…”

According to Allie Beth Stuckey last Feb “a Jesus that is not real can not save.” And in last December, Dallas Jenkins told Stuckey point blank that 95% of the Bible isn’t in The Chosen and he is making up his own lore. Stuckey also responded to Dallas in that same interview that it was Scripture that was influencing The Chosen.

Therefore, the logic follows two glaring questions:

On what basis or conclusion can Allie Beth Stuckey arrive in December 2022 about whatever is influencing The Chosen if she has publically stated that she’s never watched it, an admission months after making this assesment?

If only a real Jesus can save, then how is an authentic and real depiction of Jesus Christ possible when Dallas has told you that is not the case?