Equality Act - Should Christians bother?

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Equality Act - Should Christians bother?

Among the many things the Equality Act endangers, the church is one of them. If the Equality Act passes, Churches will no longer be able to hire someone based on their beliefs. What this means is that a church could not deny hiring someone because they are an Atheist or because they live a life contradictory to the church’s beliefs. This also means that churches, like all other institutions, will not be allowed to segregate restrooms or locker rooms based on sex, a move that could increase the risk to young girls and women in public or shared restrooms in all venues.

the Equality Act moves to elevate the protection of LGBT people over people of faith. If enacted, the Equality Act will prevent religious people from denying a service, employment, housing or public accommodations among other things, to LGBT persons, despite the fact that homosexuality contradicts their religious beliefs.

While the LGBT community might feel like there is something to celebrate with the Equality Act, feminists – both radical and liberal – are speaking out against the legislation. The Equality Act is seeking to make “gender identity” a covered category under the Civil Rights Act. By doing this, the protected category of “sex” is being eliminated. This means that all of the strides women have made in society to advance women’s rights and protections, are going out the window.

Not only will the Equality Act allow male students to enter female restrooms, but it will also hinder parents’ authority over their children.

That was concise summary of the second link posted. To me the implications of the Act is just terrible as a Christian. This is time for Christians to reaffirm our identity in Christ and defend our faith with all our heart to survive this time of test.

Some questions to ask ourselves -
a) How does equality act affect me in the immediate sense?
b) How does equality act affect the body of Christ as a whole?
c) What steps can I as a individual do to protect my faith and expand it to others?

There should be equality, Yes! it is needed in the society but there are boundaries to be considered.
We should not discriminate others as what Jesus commanded us: Love one another.

We also say hate the sin but love the sinner. But there are limits, the act of homosexuality is not acceptable, but we can view them as same as our rights. But the risk here is that they can reach the limits and might be abusive. The danger of this is that we might neglect the commands of God.

We must exercise the right to equality but we must take note of their limits.