Everything is possible for one who believes

“ ‘If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”
Mark 9:23

As we are going through a lot lately, things seem to be falling apart and We can’t seem to do or get anything right anymore. Nobody could tell how long things will get uncertain, rough and uneasy, will it be days, weeks, months or years. Please, remember to hang in there. We are going to be okay and everything will work out just as it is supposed to. We will all get through this. Persistent prayer doesn’t always lead to immediate answers. But as long as we never stop believing in God, everything is possible. Everything we ask and pray for will happen in the right time.

Hello @SaltandLight Yes a Big Amen! God can do the impossible but our duty is, to do the possible which is to have faith that He will do it. We do not receive blessings for the promises that we make God, instead we receive His blessings by believing in His promises. Dare to believe God, if you are going through difficult times, hold on to the promises written in the Bible and your faith will increased despite of the storms. Remember that faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

In our life as a Christian and children of God we will always have challenges and only living a life of faith is that we can overcome each difficulty, do not think about the big problem, think about the great power and love of the one who has the solution, God, the one who loves you so much that he died for you just to show you his great love and always takes care of you, remember that if you can believe everything is possible for you since he gives you strength.

Hello, dear @SaltandLight
Yes… Faith is the most powerful thing we as human can grasp in the most direct way, because we are just that human. But just by believing, by believing rather than seeing, we can achieve anything as God will manage it for us. It’s such an easy thing to say, but such a difficult thing to accomplish… As it’s something more than the mind, it’s a connection between mind and soul, where the desire is connected to God and his will, and it will occur that of we want or wish. Saying it’s easy, but having faith is hard. We must try to strengthen our faith, our relationship with our Father every day more, to feel his more of his love!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

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