Ex-Reagan Adviser: Evangelical Leaders Who Back Trump Do More Harm to Christian Values Than Atheists

source: U.S. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend Christmas Eve services at the National Cathedral on December 24, 2018 in Washington, D.C.

During a Saturday interview on CNN, Republican political adviser Peter Wehner voiced his criticism of evangelical Christian support for President Donald Trump, telling host Michael Smerconish that the powerful voting block remains in Trump’s corner out of a misguided sense of pragmatism.

“The bottom line is that he will fight for them,” Wehner said, referring to Trump. “Not that he himself is of Christian faith. Not even he himself is a manifestation of Christian virtues, but they feel like they’re involved in an existential struggle against a malicious enemy that they consider to be the American Left. And Trump will try and vanquish that enemy.”

MOST (notice “most” not “all”) Evangelical Christians don’t know what is in their own Bibles, do not understand that Jesus died on a cross or why He did so, and think that they can “accept Christ into their hearts” without a single shred of repentance.

They believe this because MOST (notice “most” not “all”) pastors and preachers TEACH that you can sin like crazy and still be a Christian. So why would these particular people feel uncomfortable with a man being President who is vile in more ways than I care to count?

The problem with politics is - at this point in our country’s history - it’s ALL about two sides only. And if you’re on one side you must do whatever is necessary to defeat the other side. Period.

As to which side is right and which side is wrong: both have grave errors, lies, and philosophies that have zero to do with the Christian way of life, as it is laid out in the Holy Scriptures.

But for most “carnal christians” that is not a problem, until it displeases them politically – from the left or the right.