Faith during Crisis

Faith during Crisis

Hi everyone, um glad to see new people here.How is your faith right now? I know this time is a test of faith for all of us

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Hi @cocoyoongie! This pandemic crisis made us slow down. It enabled us to see life in a different perspective. The challenges that is faced by the whole world for months has increased our faith, opening our hearts not only for God but for other people as well. It taught us to let go of selfishness and develop empathy. God is busy working through us.

Good day @cocoyoongie, a very timely question for me. Just a few hours before I went online my wife and I had an argument because of our current financial situation. I told her that nothing seems to be right for us these days, we are sinking day by day, I told her that I’m worried. Then she asked me a question, I thought we prayed that we will entrust everything to God? I just said, Yes I trust God but I am just worried. This is how my faith is right now, I talk to God and tell Him that I trust Him then I worry, and then I ask forgiveness because I know that worrying is wrong. This situation which we are currently into is really God’s way to discipline and to teach me, my only problem is I’m miserably failing.

Hello @cocoyoongie I thank God everyday because God is so good to me right now even in this pandemic covid19 I have no work and we dont have much money to buy all our needs but God is amazing its true that if you trust in Him he will never leave us He provide all our needs I thank Him so much.

Hi there @cocoyoongie! Hope you’re doing well!
This is truly a difficult time. I still have online classes and I am doing my very best in attending all of them, submitting all requirements, and taking all the exams. I really pray to God for this pandemic to end because many people are having a hard time. I know He has plans and I believe that we will all get through this if we have faith in Him.

@cocoyoongie We maybe facing different situations during this pandemic but for me, though I have been dealing with some emotional and personal issues, I’m still thankful for being healthy, safe and alive. Sometimes, I feel hopeless and my anxiety would attack and I would cry my hear out and start questioning everything that’s happening right now. But, if there’s one thing that really moved me during these difficult times, it’s my faith being stronger than ever. That I am trusting my life, everything to God more than ever. Trusting his plans that one day all these things will end. And He has reasons for everything.

Hello @cocoyoongie. Thank you for asking us about our faith today’s struggles. Personally, I have many worries everyday. I have encounter many circumstances before, but this is the biggest challenge for me. I’m worrying what if I have nothing- food to eat, and more debts to pay. I feel hopeless sometimes, and anxiety makes me pessimistic. And a ponder question pop-up on my wall - Imagine this ECQ as your retirement days “No work, No Pay” will you survive? Thinking of this stuff is very hard. However, I am thankful because God still there with us, as a provider and protector. Knowing that we are safe and alive is a blessing which I give thanks to God. My faith is growing even the pandemic tested me, as long as I have God and people are being with us. :blush:

Hello there, @cocoyoongie! Things have been rough in our place most especially since a lot of people in our are won’t follow the rules. But, deep inside I know God is with us no matter what. Those people might be stressed, lost, exhausted, etc. I do not know what runs in their minds but I pray that things will go the right way. I have been doing my daily devotion in the evening. I try my very best to stay positive and cautious despite the situation. Still beyond blessed that we still have food to eat every day and water to drink.

Hi, dear @cocoyoongie
This is exactly the times where faith is stronger than before… Remember that when people are in despair and don’t see the lights they start praying a looking for God.
We must accept that the Lord is not our personal magical assitent, he’s acting for all of us all the time, and as we have faith during these bad times, we must keep that faith high and strong when this all ends.
We must believe to see, we must believe it to see the end of lockdown, we must believe in God to see God.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

We all know that this crisis might also made by our God, but this is maybe his way to show us how to be as one, and be unite. Everyone must learn to help each other these all times of pandemic. Keep believing in him and all will be back to normal soon as we live as one. Keep fighting earthlings.