Faith reassures you that everything will happen in God's timing

Amen, @Jenny.
God’s timing is everything! Know that God has a plan for each and every one of us. We all have a purpose in life and that is to serve others and yourself with love. Let us all remember that we should be spreading God’s goodness because that is what He wants. He wants us to be a disciple of Christ in every single way possible. Let us radiate goodness and inspire people to do the same.

Hello, dear @jenny
What a great message! Indeed faith is believing to be able to see… It’s such a easy and simple concept! It’s just patient and trust, God’s time is perfect, he’s always working in our favour. What our heart truly wants and need will be given, today, tomorrow, later or even sooner than we think. We just have to keep our faith strong.
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

God looks out for our best interest at heart as well. When things don’t go our way, it is because He is redirecting us to something good. I always cling on to His promises of hope and a good future. God’s timing is different than ours, but it is always perfect.