Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me. God is already there

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Hello @Jenny Yes big Amen! It’s easy to doubt God when you’re focused on the obstacles in front of you, but when you fix your eyes on Him and believe what Scripture says about His faithfulness, then you can do anything He requires. No matter what lies ahead, remember that God is not a liar, and He is faithful. You’ll be strengthened by your dependence on Him whether a deluge of trials or a flood of blessings comes.

Hello @Jenny God’s faithfulness to His Word and His promises to those who trust Him have been proven through the ages even to the sacrifice of His own Son for us. As you face dangers and difficulties in life Just trust God. Now, there are times bad things also happen to us who trust God, but oftentimes, God allows them to happen to save us from worse things. He knows what lies ahead and whatever happens, happens for a reason.

Amen to this, @Jenny. Wherever we go, God is already there. God will always be one step ahead of us. He will be guiding us to any place we need to go. He knows what is best for us and we need to trust Him. Let us put all our trust in Him and continue spreading His good news.

Hello @Jenny Yes! He is faithful being faithful is not something He does, it is who He is. Faithfulness is essential to His being. Without it, He would not be God. In fact, for Him to be unfaithful would be to go against Himself. When God makes a promise, be encouraged that He WILL fulfill it. When God speaks to you, know that He WILL act. The Bible assures us of that over and over again. God never forgets. He doesn’t fail. He never falters. He never goes against His word.

@jenny it is FAITH. faith is the essence of things unseen; believing in what you cant see but you can feel. We are just one prayer away. I encourage every question to let us be in one prayer letbis fight this pandemic by prayers. I know by this we can conquer this pandemic situation

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Hello, dear @Jenny
Great image… This is one of those thing on which we can find a big happiness, God has a path chosen for us, and he will always be by our side. We just have to trust him, he will not let us down! Never, he will always take us to the path of good and happiness. And he has already been there, if not then he wouldn’t be guiding us there. We just have to have plenty of faith, trust and love to him!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

@Jenny my faith tells me to continue believe because when you believe with what you prayed for, it will happen. God said to lift m-up our faith with and pray for other people also who loss or become faithless in the Lords.