Fantastic 1 million book giveaway here! Wow!

This is partially a prayer request, and partially a note so that people can get the word out about this amazing deal to their churches and otherwise Gospel friendly areas - FOR FREE.

I’m already a Partner of Living Waters, so you don’t need to do that part.
What is left is

  1. PRAY. First, pray that God will provide the necessary funds for this massive giveaway. [Note by post author: He’s already done so to the tune of $414,022 out of $500,000! You may help if you wish, but these other two requests are more urgent.]

  2. SHARE. Then, share this with your church and friends on social media. The more people who hear about it, the more books we will be able to get out.
    [Note by post author: This will be important. As a Partner I’ve watched how fast these things go. The last one they did like this, 250 thousand copies were gone in a week’s time. These folks are serious about getting out the Gospel. And using the actual Gospel of John is about as honest and unadulterated as you can get. There is no playing fast and loose with the Gospel. This is Scripture. So basically it’s “here, read it for yourself”. You cannot be any more transparent than that. Please consider sharing this because whoever signs up first gets the free boxes (including free shipping) to give away. Living Waters will run out, and fast.] All details are at the link below.
    [One Million Gospel of John Giveaway - Living Waters]

1 million dollar Johns Gospel from Living waters book_mdb-gospel-of-johns-1

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