Fill your mind with GOD’s WORD

Believers should continually ask God to purify their mind and keep it fresh. We should ask God to wash out all our bad thoughts and vain imaginations toward God so that what we believe will be fully in accordance with the eternal will of God. We should ask God not only to make us think about Him, but also to make us think about Him in the right way. We should ask God not to let any thought issue from our evil nature. If there is any such thought, we should ask that God’s light shine upon it and terminate it immediately.

@Jenny: Lately I am bombarded with lots of negative thoughts inside my mind…I am beginning to experience anxiety again, but as days goes by I keep forcing myself to feed my mind with God’s word…so I started to keep some bible verses that I like from time to time.

Hello @Jenny Amen! spend time filling your mind with the things of God. Seek direction from the Holy Spirit each and every moment of the day. Before making any decision, think first if it will please God and be helpful. It’s truly best to think about what Jesus would do. By doing this, you’ll make the right choices and suffer fewer negative consequences in life. Not only that, but you’ll start to unravel God’s marvelous plan for your life. Fill your mind with the things of God and He’ll reveal Himself to you.

Hello, dear @Jenny
Pure truth!! We consume so much information, so much news and other things in our daily lives… And we got to be honest, the majority of it is just trash… We got to learn to be look to be more closer to God, to consume more of his word so we can be more wiser and better people. The only truth that’s irrefutable on this world, is God’s. So let’s try to fill our mind with it more!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero.

Yes, @Jenny. God’s words will really help us go through our daily lives and help us fight our battles. Whenever we feel that we are down, talk to God because He will listen to everything that you say. Believe in Him and fight. Our journey is not yet finished. Let us keep on fighting and keep on believing in Him. We still have a mission to fulfill. Fill your hearts with God’s word and everything will follow.