Find a way to cite Scripture that can be added to the top or side of the question perhaps?

Many, though not all, good posts with excellent questions are answered with scripture quotes. Most that I’ve seen go to the trouble to write it out, not just cite Book, Chapter and Verse.

My request would be more a website construction for use by members.

The problem: Those coming to the question after the scripture quotes have been inside an answer don’t then get the added benefit of seeing those scripture quotes. A good example was an excellent question about whether dinosaurs are Biblical or not. There were at least three quotes I could think of off the top of my head, yet even though two were already quoted, others came to the question and didn’t know there was already scriptural backup. They therefore said they didn’t know if it was in scripture or not, and went away not having learned the answer to that. Or even had a chance to argue it had they seen it and felt it not a correct quote.

The answer: It would be nice, since this is, to have perhaps a handy link we can add to our posts that goes to the actual scripture or allows the recognition of a book, chapter:verse layout so that just the citation can be seen at the top of the question for all newcomers to the question to be able to see. Also it would keep from others going to the same effort and time to look something up that has already been looked up under that particular question.

Not asking for something that would stick to a whole topic: only to each Question being answered that has scripture quotes within the answers or even the Question itself for easy reference in discussion.

Thanks for your advice, dear Sunami, we will consider it and add a tool on the website that can help the user to quote scriptures easily.


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Thank you for considering it.
Just a note: is a free Bible resource online and I have seen other Christian groups use it for Bible quote notations with links. You may have to contact them and ask if there is something they offer so people’s Bible quotes on your site will take them directly to a link for the book;chapter;verse and even translation.
May God always bless you.