Finding a Wife Waiting on God or Taking Initiative?

Finding a Wife
Waiting on God or Taking Initiative?

Mark Milenko

Been praying for too long Im patiently waiting on the Lord but it gets lonely and lonely i cry every night praying to God to bless me with a spouse whom his intentions are to make me his wife

QueenMe Mckwa

Blessings to you, she’s waiting on you too.

Teri Johnson


Sabrina Wyman

I’ve been waiting on God to send me a husband but sometimes it feels he gave up on me.

Mary Walker

Pursue God and he’ll lead you in the right direction

Sherri Bible

Please wait. I tried to find my husband on dating sites turned out to be a disaster twice. Almost got married each time. Would have been the biggest mistake and the more time you waste the longer you delay with the person that is not meant for you

Miquella Adams

Do you know how to be a husband according to how our creator intended And do you know how to be a woman how Yahuah intended.It starts with self evaluation and personal relationship with our creator. You must be whole in the creator 1st. All these black holes looking for a mate to devour because healing and true repentance hasn’t taken place. Start with Our creator look within. Pray and read scripture

Tavia Cook