First day in heaven

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Wow, I can see and feel that the girl in the painting is truly happy.


Hello, dear @James
What a lovely painting and what an awesome feeling it described on the picture. It’s funny because we, as humans, are very afraid of death be it from our closest ones or ourselves. But what is to afraid? If when the road on this life ends, we’ll we reunited with Lord and those who had already left. Of course we have to live our life to the fullest, but knowing that what comes next will be even better!
Kind regards, Luis Guerrero

First of all that painting is Awesome as the title said.

Its like a child came from a long journey and when she comes home our Father is already waiting on her. So the Girl wants a Big Hug its a tight one. I can sense that its not only a happy one but also she is crying while laughing because she knows that Heaven is real and God is waiting on Her.

My own Interpretation Thanks hehe