Folks often post asking of our experiences in knowing the presence of our living God

Folks often post asking of our experiences in knowing the presence of our living God. I love hearing the stories, as I have my own blessings and boy you could not ever have me believe God doesn’t exist.
But, Have any of you ever experienced God’s humor? Ever have something happen that you know was of God’s hand, yet had a funny or ironic twist? Or almost like God is telling you to “slow down fella… I’m driving”, in such a way that you almost have to laugh when it hits you?’
I hope this makes sense on some level, if not, Admin, just delete it.

Rob Furnari

He treats me like a queen. Always making things special.

Kathy Vespa

Yes he allowed me to fall off a ladder and on soft grass

Scoop Mendenhall

Yes I have but there are no coincidences everything is planned by God believe it or not!

Katie Sahadak

I was told how selfish I was if I prayed for finances. Now I realize what a lie that was. God is provider Of everything. He wants to know what help we need. It grows our faith. He already knows what we need. He’s waiting for us to ask and be honest about everything.

Hope Thompson

In our family, we like to constantly say, “My name is someone else’s name and I’m silly!” One day, I heard God say to me, “My name is God, and you’re silly!” I told my family and they laughed! Later, God showed me Galatians 3:1 Amplified every day living Bible “Silly Galatians” going back to rely on the law to be justified. And it gave me correction and helped me renew my mind.

Ting Chung

I catch myself saying: “Wow, God, you are so smart” a lot, only to have the follow up hit me: Um, of course He is. He created everything and planned everything and He is perfect. It has been happening to me on a frequent basis. I just came to realize hopefully He sees it as me appreciating what He is doing when I figure it out, not as unawareness of His greatness haha. So while it wasn’t humor, I do have moments like that.

Susan Newman