For my Birthday Bible reading today, I’m reading psalm 139… verses 1-18

For my Birthday Bible reading today, I’m reading psalm 139… verses 1-18… the writer is saying how thankful he is for his life, how God is always there, how he can’t comprehend how awesome God’s thoughts are towards him… then suddenly, he goes off into a tirade about wanting God to destroy the wicked in verses 19-22… then in verses 23-24 he seems to come back to his senses with, “search me, God, and know my heart…” anyone else noticed this?

Angelina Roberts

David was a very emotional person. His psalms (Songs) reveal just how emotional he actually was. We need to read them and determine the emotional mind frame he was writing in. HE is often quoted out of context.

Tim Pifer

He had the Devil in himself briefly.

Debbie Messier-vagellmarks

So did you know that we are not supposed to celebrate our birthdays??? Did you know that the only biblically recorded birthday celebrations were celebrated by pagans??? Did you know that the Israelites considered celebrating birthdays to be Pagan ritual??? Which means that even our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who was a learned Rabbi also considered celebrating birthdays to be Pagan ritual as will?? Did you know that the first time Christmas/ the birth of Christ was celebrated 300 years after His death??? How do you think that God feels about using Pagan ritual to celebrate the birth of His Son Jesus??? Why do you think we were never instructed by Christ or His Disciples to celebrate His Birthday or why do you think God has hidden the true birth date of Christ from us??? The bottom line is that celebrating birthdays is considered by God to be a sin of paganism and we can put God into the celebration all day long but it never changes the fact that the celebration is still a sinful act in the eyes of God.

Robert Cook

Verse 23: search my heart oh lord, if my supplication is true or not. Verse 24: judge oh lord, according to your righteousness.

Becky Fawi

Take every thought captive and commit it to the Lord. If every believer done this the Church would be for the Glory of God not full of idolatry.

Veronica Williams

Have understood it now

Stanley Muturia

I wonder how much on facebook is AI talking…

Matthew Carven