For those who left the church but are still hurting over the loss

For those who left the church but are still hurting over the loss

I had a 16 year long experience in church attendance here in the United States as I was growing up.
My experience was not much different than many other people’s experience.

Yes, I saw a TON of hypocrisy. Bad hypocrisy. One example: a so-called Christian Dad who sodomized his own son and daughter. Yet continued to go to Church and speak in tongues, etc. etc.

That is my own personal experience. In addition I could not control or stop sin in my own life. Eventually, out of sheer frustration and anger, I left. It seemed like the whole thing was one big cheat.

Is there anyone else here who misses the God they got a glimpse of but walked away from due to heinous behavior on the part of so-called “Christians” who go to “Church”?

If so, have you found out what the lies were that you were told?

Dear Sunami, I am so sorry to hear what you have experienced. I felt it is really evil. No matter Christians or non-believers, those people will be judged one day.

I am grateful that I grown in a very good church. We are different, have different characteristics, and background. But because of the word of GOD, the love of Christ, we could really focus on God, and love each other.

yes, if they want to do evil thing, they will be judged.