Franklin Graham says coronavirus pandemic is 'result of a fallen world'

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Franklin Graham says coronavirus pandemic is 'result of a fallen world'

The novel coronavirus pandemic is the “result” of sin that exists in a “fallen world” that has “turned its back on God,” conservative evangelical leader Franklin Graham said.

Graham, president of the Christian humanitarian organization Samaritan’s Purse, spoke with Fox News’ Jeannie Pirro on Saturday for an interview that mostly focused on the emergency field hospital Samaritan’s Purse is operating in New York City’s Central Park.

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Yes exactly. People are now turning back to God and have faith from him again. Because of this pandemic, society build unity, help each other and asking God for help. For wd only know God can give us miracle and heal the one’s affected by the corona virus. I hope we continue worshipping the lord until the end.

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I agree, because the world have forgotten about God. Although this pandemic has its negative effects, I can definitely see the people are no longer relying on science but on their faith in God through praying for each other and reading the Bible when it comes to dealing with this crisis.

God was not, however, “caught by surprise” as the article seems to indicate by quoting Graham as saying he doesn’t believe that “God planned this”.

God is sovereign. Were He not, He would not be God, would He?

Exodus 4:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 The Lord said to him, “Who gave human beings their mouths? Who makes them deaf or mute? Who gives them sight or makes them blind? Is it not I, the Lord?