"From my desk to yours"

"Life can be hard & stressful. When it does, I pictured myself when I was a child playing in the yard of my **
neighbors(they had the prettiest grass) . We did cheers & cart wheels ,trying to get the truckers to blow there horns when they drove by. Laughing & playing not thinking on the grown up world. We didn’t think on politic or bills. I was praying for that feeling. Let it go & let our Father handle all the stuff we can’t control anyway. Just take a deep breath, just being His child. I think we all need that so very much right now & for all our tomorrows. **
We get so caught up in this grown up world it can
** steal the life out of us if we don’t sit @ His feet &

** let Him take the heavy burdens off our shoulders. "

Food for thought, Monica
Editor of
**Walk by Faith Newsletter **

Jesus says, “Come with me by yourselves
** to a quiet place and get some rest.”**
Mark 6:31

put together by Monica
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